About Me

Hi, Welcome! My name is Tim, and I’m the dad behind the site nofinishedprojects.com, where I cover life’s projects including hydroponic gardening, dogs, and cultivating peace in your own little oasis, the best you can.

Best Dad Ever

I’m the oldest guy in a big busy family, with a wife and 5 kids we’re always working on one new project or another. One thing we like to focus on is the food we grow and eat. After a few decades of growing so many fruits and vegetables, I felt like I had some things I wanted to share, and hopefully I can help you avoid some pitfalls in your gardening, or never-ending-project-list, just like mine.

Through this site I’m going to share my passion for the short, hot summer in we get in the Pacific Northwest and the things we can focus on and enjoy as a family all throughout the year.

Thanks for stopping by!